The technique challenge at SCS today was to make a card using the Gamsol Magic technique. No problem! I have colored pencils, I have gamsol and I have stubs. Ready, Set, GO!

I reached for my Flaky Friends set. The first thing I did was color my snowmen with colored pencils. Then, I took my stub, dipped it into the gamsol and colored over my pencil work. That’s when something magical happens . . . all the pencil lines disappear and you are left with wonderful, rich, filled-in color.

This card really looks a lot better IRL. When I took the picture . . . everything that was purple looked blue. So I tried . . . somewhat successful . . . to digitally alter the color on my computer. I got the purple right, but as I did that, my red started to look washed out. It’s much more vibrant when you see it up close and personal. My two oldest daughters, both of whom are digital wizards, are at school and can’t help me. This is what I get when I bumble along… better than it was, but certainly not as good as it could get if I knew what I was doing! lol!

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