I don’t even know how to start this post because my heart is bursting. I am so blessed by many friends in my life. Some of them are stamping friends and when they send me a hand crafted card, my heart sings! I just had to share some of the Holiday Treasures that my friends sent to me. Thank you, dear friends!

Julie has been my friend since 2000 . . . she is my dental hygentist! Going to the dentist is a lot more fun knowing that I will get to visit with Julie. We’ve shared many a card idea through the years at the dentist office!!

I met Pam at the park back in the late ’90s. We b0th had little kids and we seemed to have a lot in common. She became one of my Creative Memories customers and then followed me into Stampin’ Up. We are “ballet moms” and car pool together every week.
Pam introduced me to Marcy. Marcy also became a CM customer and now she is my SU customer. She is also a loyal Mary Kay user and since I also sell Mary Kay, well . . . it didn’t take long and we also became good friends. Marcy has introduced me to some wonderful people through the years who have not only become good customers, but also good friends.
I met Kathy at a stamp club that I belonged to long before I ever became a SU consultant. She is a great stamper and we’ve shared a lot of stamping ideas with each other through the years. Whenever I deliver products to her, we always meet at a Caribou to do the exchange. She surprised me this Christmas with a Caribou card. She knows me pretty good!! lol!
The camera did not do this card justice! In real life . . . it is spectacular! My neighbor and dear friend, Lisle, is always encouraging me and telling me what a great job I am doing! She used a red mirror paper that looks just AWESOME with the gold embossing and dazzling diamond dust technique.
Jean is Lisle’s sister. I love it when they come to my events together because it gives me a chance to see how close they are. I pray that my daughters stay as close to each other through the years as Jean and Lisle have. The angel is so sparkly in real life. Jean used some glitter pens and wow . . . just stunning!
Katherine is not only my dear friend, but also my very first (and only!) SU downline! We met at church many years ago and then she moved . . . but we kept in touch through the years at Christmas time sending each other family letters and pictures. I invited her to my Open House when I started my SU business and the rest is history!!

And this last card is from Shanna, my SU upline! We also met at church. She was my SU demonstrator for a long, long time and a good one, too! I LOVED being in her stamp club and now I LOVE being her downline. She has so many good ideas and she is so sweet and down to earth. I feel very blessed to have her in my life. Thanks for everything, Shanna~!