Fiji was WONDERFUL!! I’ve broken up the pictures I want to share with you into two parts, one for today and one for tomorrow. Above, Steve and I just before loading up the car. Our daughter, Kari, dropped us off at the airport for a long day of traveling.

We made it!! Here we are, a little wobbly and blurry, after our eleven hour flight on Air Pacific which took us from Los Angeles to the beautiful Fijian Islands of the South Pacific.

When we arrived at our room, we had a welcome letter from Shelli Gardner, CEO and Co-Founder of Stampin’ Up! It was enclosed in a lovely envelope tote.

We also had a welcome gift at the foot of our bed . . . a hand made rug. It’s now in our kitchen in front of our patio door and looks great. I really, really liked this gift. Thank you, Stampin’ Up!

This is my friend, Natalia Danko. She is exactly 1/2 my age! What an accomplishment to earn a trip to Fiji at the age of 25!

At our welcome session, Steve got a Stampin’ Up! giveaway just for guys! The Dude, You’re Welcome stamp set along with a Stamp Night Survival Kit. It was really cute and well done and I was excited to see the new cases for wood mount stamps.

And, another gift! This one was a really huge tote bag. I absolutely LOVE it! It will be perfect for hauling my supplies to workshops.

We got to see quite a bit of scenery in Fiji. This picture is taken from the jungle looking out towards the Pacific Ocean off the Coral Coast.

We went White Water Rafting. It was a fantastic adventure! I’m in the back waving while Steve was in the front on the right. We were pretty much drenched all day . . . there were LOTS of rapids to maneuver through! This was my favorite part of the trip . . . even though it meant being sore for the rest of the trip as I used muscles that day I didn’t know I had!! We went 21 miles down the river. My boat friends were April Lopez and her husband Angel, and Amy Storrie and her husband Jimmy. Our guide was named Moses.

It wasn’t ALL whitewater, though! We also had some gorgeous scenery to enjoy in the calmer waters.

Another gift from Stampin’ Up! . . . a hat and an awesome back pack.

Steve and I eating breakfast at Sofitel. Everything is open and airy. Quite a change from the way we live in MN. We might have about a dozen days in MN to live like this in any given year . . . otherwise we have to shut things up because it is too cold, too hot, or there are too many mosquitoes! This is the day we did a service project at the Nadi Hospital . . . but I don’t have pictures of it. Steve sanded and painted and I cleaned and painted. Stampin’ Up! made a big difference with our service project in that the hospital had a much needed sprucing up.

Out to eat at a local restaurant . . . Sarah & Ian Wills, Steve and I, and Sharon & Mike McNeely. Sarah, Sharon and I were all Rising Stars together back in 2009.

One of the best pillow gifts of all . . . NEW PROJDUCT!! Sorry, can’t show pictures of it until the new catalog goes live!! But, maybe I’ll “make something” with it soon!!

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