This is a fruit and vegetable market that we visited on one of the tours.

Steve and I at one of the local villages. You see thatched roof houses all over the place. Even our hotel had quite a few buildings with this type of roof.

We toured a garden that had many, many orchids. This was one of my favorites.

Another picture at the garden with a gorgeous hanging orchid. It was interesting to see these plants with all of their parts exposed to the elements . . . even the roots! I guess Fiji truly does have perfect weather for almost every kind of plant. Oddly enough, we even saw a number of evergreens on the island!

After a long day at the pool, it was time to eat a snack and have a drink at the Salt Bar. We had a nice ocean view! It was fun to watch all the activities around us from sand volleyball to jet skis to para sailing.

Friends of mine . . . Rachel Tessman, Brenda Hukriede, and Susan Campfield.

Table Mates at our Farewell Dinner. What a ball we had . . . Steve and I laughed and laughed at all the antics and stories that were told. I can’t wait to party with these people again!

And, another pillow gift from Stampin’ Up! Before leaving, I purchased the matching cologne so that I have a scent to remind me of our wonderful days in Fiji.

Our hotel was wonderful . . . Steve and I had a room in the building on the right.

Artwork lined our hallways and this was one of my favorite pieces.

Gorgeous and unusual looking flowers along the walkways at the hotel. These were definitely my favorite. What a wonderful time we had in Fiji. Thank you again, Stampin’ Up!, for a great incentive trip. Truly a trip of a lifetime!

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