Wow!! What an incredible day for the Concordia Academy Dance Team! We held a Cards for a Cause Fundraiser to help them raise money to keep them all dancing for another year and it was a fantastic success! Here are some pictures of the prep work . . . I didn’t blog for much of last week because I was knee deep in cards as you will see!

Dancers working an evening session creating “cards to go” for those who couldn’t join us on the actual day of the fundraiser.

My daughters didn’t really get a choice about whether they wanted to work or not! They worked every session and then some!

One of our dance moms with a finished pile of cards to go . . . what an accomplishment!

We had piles and piles of cards to go!

More dancers stamping to share!

Moms and daughters teamed up! Look at all those piles of luscious In Color Ribbon! 

More dancer moms prepping and prepping for our big day!

A hundred cards later and the punch art birdies are still cute!!

Here are some dancers making table favors for our card making event. My daughter, Kasey, actually figured out how she wanted these to look using school colors.

Here’s a close up view of the table favors.

It does sort of seem like the prep work is never ending! But the dancers are still smiling!

And so are the moms! We know it will be worth the work in the end!

Finally, the last table of cards to go are done and the dancers did a GREAT job!

Each person attending our Cards for a Cause event got one of these kit bags. My daughter, Kasey, made a bonus card for each attendee which we used to decorate the front of the bags.  Inside, attendees found their card kits. All they had to do was find a table, pull out the kit for that table and off they were stamping and creating.

Here’s a picture of some of our attendees.

We had door prizes, too! I recycled a bunch of swap cards, put them in a basket and covered the basket with a blanket.

When someone with a winning ticket was called, they could reach into the basket three times and get three awesome cards ready to send out to brighten someone’s day.

More pictures of our beautiful dancers working at the fundraiser.

Attendees busy stamping!

I got to walk around and assist where needed.

Our dancers assisted a lot, too! Especially the ones who did so much of the prep work – they were experts at making those cards!

One of our hard working dancers who participated in all of the prep work and made cards at our event, too! Look, she is still smiling!


We had card makers of all ages and everyone was smiling!

 And finally, I get to present a check of $2,400 to our team captains and dance coach – Mission Accomplished thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Condordia Academy Dance Team and their moms. It was a GREAT success! Thank you, also, to all who helped in any way and we had LOTS of helpers from donated space to hold our event to people bringing snacks, homemade bars, coffee and tea. Most especially, a big thank you to everyone who attended our event or purchased cards to go. Without you . . . raising money for the dancers would not have happened.

Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by Stamping to Share! 

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