One of the great things about going to Convention is swapping with demonstrators all across the country. I wanted to make some new display boards to show off these treasures to my friends, family and of course . . . to my customers! I found a super easy and fairly compact way to do this.

First, I purchased black foam core poster board. My board is an “Elmer’s” brand and I got them at Walmart. They are 20″ x 30″ so they are a nice size for easy transport if you are taking them to an event. I find that they fit quite nicely into your average kitchen sized garbage bag when I want to tote them from place to place. The only additional items that you will need will be a Paper Snips, Mini Clothespins and our new Tear and Tape Adhesive. Enjoy the How To Video below.

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Paper Snips Scissors


Tear & Tape Adhesive

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